Are Comics Bad for Kids?

Comic Con has actually gotten here in New York City. We have extracted this excerpt from an archive by Angelina Kruppe, a moms and dad of the 29th Middle School in Brooklyn, talked to on the WNYC Youth Builders program in 1949. When inquired about opinion She seems to be rather confused regarding the dangers … Read more

What age Group Reads Comic Books?

Need to know if that comic or comic is age proper for your kid? Perhaps you have a young visitor that intends to enter into comics however your not sure if they are old sufficient? Let us aid you with a guide and valuable tips when seeking comics that are age proper or how to … Read more

How Bone Conduction Headphones Work This Article Will Explain

how bone conduction headphones work

If you’ve never tried bone-conduction headphones, you’re in for a unique experience. They silently vibrate your skull without you even realizing it. How can one hear anything if sound waves are unable to penetrate the skull? Bone-conduction headphones have rapidly gained in popularity during the last several years. Bone conduction headphones are superior to traditional … Read more