The Best Oster Toaster Oven in 2024

We spent 80 hours testing as well as looking into Best Oster Toaster Oven and also determined the KitchenAid KCO253CU was our leading selection. It generates gorgeous cooking results as well as gives a few of one of the most exact temperatures. The 4 temperature setups, large inside and also 2 included racks offer you plenty of cooking room as well as food preparation choices so you can prepare anything from a casserole to whole poultry. The exterior also maintains a really trendy temperature so you do not have to stress as much regarding singeing fingers when operating it.

The Best Oster Toaster Oven in 2024

Here are the products that we have tested and tested very carefully to introduce to you. Please read the article carefully and make the right choice.Thank you for reading this article

KitchenAid KCO253CU

The KitchenAid KCO253CU is the second biggest toaster oven in our comparison, including 2 shelfs that hold 8 slices of bread each. You can conveniently fit covered dish recipes, pizzas and also other family-sized meals inside.

It outshined every other toaster in our cooking tests, significantly making the most effective cookies that were gold ahead and extensively cooked via in the center in just 10 mins. The reheated pizza tasted as though it had simply been delivered– the bread was soft and the garnishes were warmed via without burning.

While none of the toaster ovens were spot on with their temperature level precision, this was among the closest, so you don’t need to stress over it overcooking your food. It includes a 60-minute timer, which is longer than typical, or you can establish it to the On setting and also allow it to cook for up to 4 hrs. This is a particularly nice function when cooking dinner dishes. You can pick between 4 different cook setups, consisting of toast, bake, warm as well as broil. We located the crumb tray very easy to get rid of and also tidy, specifically because the door opens up so vast as well as the toaster oven has a non-stick inside. KitchenAid covers this toaster with a 1 year warranty, which is typical but second best.

Hamilton Beach 31334

The Hamilton Coastline 31334 is the least pricey toaster in our comparison, as well as while it does not have all the features of an extra expensive version, it was among the most effective performers in our food preparation tests.

The roll-top door’s large opening offers you even more space to position your hand when eliminating your food, minimizing the chance of melting your hands. The door can additionally be gotten rid of to make it exceptionally easy to reach all areas of the interior for cleaning. Regrettably, it does not have a non-stick inside so you might need to invest a little even more time obtaining food to find off. This toaster was among the very best in our food preparation examinations heating our food thoroughly without shedding anything. It also generated a really also brownish on each piece of bread when we positioned four in at the same time. Regrettably, this system does not have a convection follower.

You can set the timer as much as half an hour or utilize the stay-on function if you desire it to prepare even much longer. It can be found in both grey and red so you have a pair selections to match your cooking area. This fundamental device does not come with a broiling rack and you can not change the rack to a new position. Which might make it harder to cook certain foods without burning them. Hamilton Beach covers it with a 1 year guarantee, which is typical for this size toaster oven.


The Oster TSSTTBDGXL-SHP has shelfs huge sufficient to fit nine slices of bread each. This is enough area to warm a huge frozen pizza.

The rear of the toaster is also curved making it the ideal form for a rounded pizza. The touchpad and electronic display screen resemble the buttons on a microwave, as is the height of this toaster oven. It has a Turbo Convection follower for faster food preparation in addition to salute, bake, broil, warm and also defrost setups. The timer can be set up to 90 minutes, which is longer than a lot of various other makers we examined. You can establish it in between 200 and 450 degrees in 25-degree increments. When you set the timer, the screen does not inform you the current temperature level. But it does beep when the desired temperature is gotten to.

This device generated fantastic cooking outcomes, toasting bread slices equally regardless of where they were situated on the rack. Reheating pizza only took a few mins as celebrity and also bread came to be cozy very swiftly. You can utilize both racks simultaneously or remove one to place bigger things inside. It does not come with a broiling rack, though.

When we checked for temperature accuracy, this tool ran about 13 degrees hotter than it ought to have so you’ll want to change the cooking time accordingly. We were amazed to discover that the exterior of this gadget rarely got cozy during the cooking process. So you as well as your family members are much less likely to singe fingers on the sides or top if you touch it while food preparation. This Oster toaster oven is covered by a 1-year guarantee as well as prices about $100. Offered the size of the unit and also the ease it pays for, this cost is fair.

Black + Decker CTO6335S

Of the three touchpad toaster we examined the Black & Decker CTO6335S exceeded the others by rather a great deal.

It features a baking tray, broiling rack as well as features predetermined cooking buttons. Which include cookies, pizza, icy treats, potato, bake, broil, toast, and bagel. It also includes a timer that can be set for approximately 120 mins and a switch for running the convection fan. However, there is no “stay on” button. So you’ll have to reset the timer if you want it to run longer than its allocated time. You can check out the present temperature on the digital display as you prepare. This toaster executed very well in our different food examinations, cooking uniformly throughout the inside. As well as operating at a precise temperature level, so our food was cooked via evenly.

We will claim that some of the touchpad buttons were a little finnicky. Occasionally they wouldn’t respond to a lighter touch as well as we ‘d need to push firmer to obtain a response. We additionally discovered that you could not start the timer until after you had actually chosen a temperature setup. Which was a little annoying initially, however, something you can easily obtain made use of to.

The interior is vast sufficient to hold up to 6 pieces of bread. So you’ll have the ability to cook a suitable amount of food in this device. The outside of the gadget did get decently warm. But it had not been as hot as other gadgets we checked. Black & Decker covers it with a 2-year guarantee, which is longer than much of the other guarantees we saw. It includes a non-stick interior and also the crumb tray is very easy to get rid of to make cleaning simple.

Hamilton Coastline Toastation 22708

This charming little retro 2-slice toaster has a standard toaster oven slot on the top. But additionally features a toaster section. You toggle in between both options by sliding a switch to close and also open the roof slot.

The oven will not function unless the slider is in the stove placement. We discovered that the slider usually obtained stuck or would certainly slide ever before so a little towards the toaster oven side and also stop cooking. As you can visualize it was quite frustrating monitoring on our food after a few mins only to discover it chilly. There is no timer on this gadget, so you will require to set one independently whenever you make use of the stove. The toaster oven section includes a baking shelf that just barely fits two slices of white bread. So the room is minimal yet respectable for one customer.

It performed halfway decent in our food preparation examinations but really did not blow us away. The interior isn’t non-stick, so cleansing may be a little harder. When you open up the stove door, the shelf is made to come out a little way. making it much easier to get your food without burning your hands on metal. Hamilton Coastline covers it with a 1 year service warranty. Which is lovely standard and not like some other service warranties.

Why Trust United States

Best Toaster Ovens views has actually been examining, investigating as well as rating kitchen area home appliances because 2010. After we look into a vast array of items within a category as well as learn as long as we can about them, we narrow the area. We then check several of the items in our lab utilizing our own technique and also keep mindful notes. Afterward, we score them utilizing a proprietary system that helps figure out which items to include in our list and also what their position ought to be. We also checked out Energy Star’s toaster oven scoping report to discover its energy usage. We looked into the Association of House Home Appliance Manufacturers’ (AHAM) Toast Test to figure out just how to perform our own testing.

Just how We Tested

We invested 80 hours screening, looking into as well as evaluating toaster ovens for performance, style, safety as well as comfort attributes. To name a few points, we checked for temperature level accuracy and also arrays. As well as evenness, because that makes a huge distinction in how certain foods turn out. We evaluated exactly how hot these kitchen counter gadgets got on the outside since lower temperature levels defend against accidental burns. We also examined just how simple it was to set the timers and also screens. As well as noting whether they had hands-on dials or touchpad controls.

Of course, we prepared a number of foods in each toaster. To inspect how equally heat was dispersed, we put white bread pieces along the whole shelf in each oven and made salute. We repeated this examination on multiple settings to see just how equally each stove browned the pieces. Essentially, they toasted the bread to the preferred shade. However, there were some that heated up unevenly and also shed or overcooked specific sections of the bread.

How Much Does a Toaster Oven Cost?

Toaster ovens can cost quite a bit more than straightforward toasters considering that they cook a larger series of foods. You’ll discover that the size, number of racks and number of cooking alternatives boosts the cost of a toaster oven. The most effective typically price between $40 and also $100, with the extra pricey choices. Typically having the ability to take large meals like huge icy pizzas and even whole chickens or turkey. Though you can discover plenty of classy and also economical toaster at reduced prices.

One advantage of a toaster oven is it enables you to cook in a home, dormitory or another real estate plan that otherwise doesn’t have a stove. Plus, you can save it away if you have actually limited counter space. Also if you currently have a stove, a toaster is a wonderful option on a warm summertime day considering that it won’t heat up your residence like a full-size array. Toaster can also save university student cash, given that iced up foods like Hot Pockets. And pizza are much cheaper than dining in restaurants. Toaster ovens do take longer to prepare than microwaves. But the results are more delicious and a lot more uniformly warmed.

What is the Advantage of a Toaster with Convection?

A convection toaster oven is an unit with an indoor follower. Theoretically a convection fan helps heat your food quicker than a standard toaster oven. Which additionally helps keeps food from drying during the cooking procedure. Quick home heating, as well as cook times, also help with the outside temperature level of the oven. Keeping it lower to help avoid burns if you mistakenly touch it someplace besides the door handle.

We evaluated both common and convection toaster for over 80 hrs and didn’t see a difference in chef time. Our leading pick for the very best toaster oven, the KitchenAid KCO253CU, has a convection fan. It likewise stays fairly amazing to the touch while in use. Something we discovered throughout our testing is some convection toaster ovens have a button; or button so you can transform the fan on and off at will. Other versions, nevertheless, switch on the convection fan automatically when you begin cooking with the toaster.

Points to Seek in a Toaster Oven


To aid you make the very best option for your house; we checked ovens extensively to see how rapidly they pre-heated, how they performed at 350 degrees Fahrenheit; how warm the exterior and interior got, and just how well they cooked a variety of foods. Great performance entails consistent temperature levels, also heating, a reasonably cool outside and, essential of all, effectively prepared food.


To decide which toaster is best for you, take into consideration the sort of food preparation you do. As well as the dimension of your countertop. Depending upon exactly how you like to prepare, you might want to try to find other useful functions consisting of the number; as well as sort of predetermined cook functions, built-in timers, and flexible racks. Some people like dial controls, yet others may like touchpad controls. The majority of the toaster ovens we evaluated can fit six pieces of bread within, while a few can only manage 4 pieces. The bigger toaster can handle a medium pizza, while the four-slice toaster ovens can just cook a little pizza.

Safety and security

If you have older youngsters as well as teenagers using the toaster oven, safety functions are particularly important. Just a handful of toaster have automatic rack ejection, which aids stop shed fingertips. And also hands, due to the fact that you don’t have to get to right into a little, hot oven to glide the rack out. Various other points that can play a big component in your choice are the presence of an automatic shut-off feature; just how well the stove maintains warmth and the exterior temperature level while food is food preparation.

Power Performance

According to Power Celebrity, toaster creates concerning 1/3 to 1/2 less power than a standard electric oven when made use of to prepare small dishes. So, you can save energy by using these devices whenever possible. The toaster in our comparison usage in between 1,200 as well as 1,800 watts; while many traditional ovens use between 1,000 and also 5,000 watts. An additional perk for making use of a toaster; in the summer is that it prevents your house from heating up as long as using a normal oven.

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